The SocialSwipe Guide to help you get more followers on Instagram.

Below is a list of tips and tricks to help you get more likes, comments and followers on Instagram.

Tip 1
- Post regular content

Posting regular engaging content is a crucial part of getting more followers, it's also important that you don't overload the content too. A post or two a day is great. 

Tip 2
- Posting at the right time

If you haven't got a business account on Instagram I recommenced setting it up. We have put a link to the guide below. Once you have done this, you can see when your users are most active and post around these times.

Tip 3
- Using relevant or trending hashtags
Tip 4

Make sure to use relevant hashtags, these will help people discover your content naturally. It's best to add the tags in the comments too, this will keep your post descriptions clean. And remember don't use more than 30 hashtags.  I have added a link below for a great website to help you find tags.

- Like and comment on posts which have the same hashtags as you
Tip 5

Once you have posted your photo and commented your tags, click on one of the tags you have used and click recent posts. Scroll down the recent posts of three to four of your hashtags, and like and comment on about 40 posts. It's important that you don't like and comment too much as this can be picked up as spam by Instagram. Side note keep an eye on when the images shown were posted, they like to throw in old posts if you are liking too fast. When this happens scroll down ten posts or so and you will see fresh posts again. You can also use SocialSwipe to help you connect with other users who are interested in the same things as you. 

- Write authentic engaging comments
Tip 6
- Post regular stories

Make sure your comments are compelling and match what you're commenting on, you want your comments to be authentic and engaging. Ask real questions, try to make people reply rather than just commenting a smiley face or writing nice photo. After all if these people are your target audience you will want to get to know them.

Instagram Stories now has over 300 million daily active users which is a lot, stories are a great way to promote the posts which are on your profile. A good trick is to post a screenshot of the content you have shared on your actual page and either cover it up slightly or have multiple photos and only show the first one. I have linked you to another great guide on how to use Instagram Stories to help you get ahead of the algorithm.

Tip 7
- Follow Un-Follow

Now this tip or trick isn't the nicest thing to do, and Instagram does police it a lot, but following users who are already following other accounts similar to yours is one of the best ways of getting them to follow you back. Never follow more than 100 users in an hour, and give it at least 3-5 days before you unfollow them. A good way to find people to follow is to look for recent posts with high engagement and click on the likes section, this will show you all the people who have liked the photo and you can easily follow them all from there.

Tip 8
- Have a compelling bio

A compelling bio will make someone want to follow you, its good to have a nice clean structured bio which incorporates emojis and relevant hashtags. 

Your bio is your chance to talk to your users, so it is important that it reflects your true character and what you're passionate about. I have attached a link to some of the best Instagram bio's of all time for some inspiration.

Tip 9
- Tagging similar accounts

If you tag your posts with other users who are similar to you this will make you appear in their tagged posts. If they're a large account it's a great way to be featured on their account for free. You will be surprised at how many people look through the tagged posts on accounts. Make sure you are tagging relevant profiles. 

Tip 10
- Shout for shouts

A shout for shout is when you get another account to share your content and tag you, it's a great way of getting more natural exposure. When you're starting out it can be hard to get shout for shouts, but speak to small pages first and slowly work your way up. Some people also offer paid shouts or features but these can be expensive. The link below is a guide on Instagram shoutouts. Again you use SocialSwipe to help you discover people who post similar content to you and ask them to do a shout for shout. 

Thanks for reading our SocialSwipe tips, we hope these will help you on your journey to getting more followers. If you haven't already download SocialSwipe and discover lots of cool content creators and connect with new followers. Please email us if you have any question, we are always happy to help. 
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